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A Few Things to Know About Small Dog Breeds

There are a few things to consider if you have a small dog or you are interested in having small dog breeds. Small dogs are not simply the miniature versions of bigger canines they are much more than that. House training these can be a real challenge to some owners for sure. Below are a few tips and tricks to owning a small dog as well as some ideas to consider for you before getting one.


Medical Considerations

Many of these small dog breeds will be much more sensitive to food, environment and common pests especially the purebred animals. For an example, a miniature pincher has a pretty sensitive stomach, if you are going to purchase these types of dogs you will need to talk to the breeder to know what type of dog food they have been eating. Changing the food of the dogs can have disastrous results on the carpets and floors of your house! You should watch for specific medical conditions for these small dogs.


It is not always the reaction to temperature, as many people believe. These dogs tend to get a bit more nervous and anxiety prone than larger animals. To remove this tendency you must spend some time with your small dog breeds, to reassure them that they are being cared.

Potty Training

Giving potty training to your puppy comes with special challenges and it does not really matter with size of the dog. Some small dog breeds are easier to train naturally than others are, but still it will try your patience. There should be a good potty training program to follow. You should never physically punish your pet dog for having an accident, sometimes this results in creating an atmosphere of fear which not at all good for the small dogs.


These dogs can be great companions and are perfectly suitable for those people living in apartments or small homes where, having a big dog is impossible. However before buying one for yourself you will want to consider some points above and do a bit of research on the breed. Some of these dogs are not overly fond of the children, for an example, the cocker spaniel will have specific medical conditions for you to worry about. Choose your favorite dog with all the time you have in your hands and you will get your best companion of life.